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Customer Discussion Guide: Funeral Preplanning Meeting

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Customer Discussion Guide: Funeral Preplanning Meeting

Customer Discussion Guide: Funeral Preplanning Meeting


Thank you for considering funeral preplanning as a meaningful step in your life journey. This guide is designed to help you navigate your initial meeting with a funeral preplanning provider. Your provider is here to offer guidance and ensure that your final arrangements align with your preferences, values, and budget. To ensure that your meeting is informative and productive, here are some key questions and topics to discuss:

Personal Information:

1. What is your full name and contact information?

2. Are there any unique cultural, religious, or personal considerations that should be taken into account for your preplanning?

3. Do you have any specific wishes for your funeral service or memorial?

Financial Planning:

4. Are you interested in prepaying for your funeral to lock in today's prices?

5. Would you prefer to pay for your preplanned services in a lump sum or through a payment plan?

6. What is your budget for your funeral preplanning, and are there any financial concerns or questions you'd like to address?

Service and Personalization:

7. What type of funeral service are you considering (e.g., traditional, memorial, celebration of life)?

8. Are there any specific readings, music, or rituals you'd like to incorporate into your service?

9. How do you envision your service reflecting your life and values?

Burial or Cremation:

10. Have you decided between burial and cremation, or would you like more information about the distinctions and options available?

11. Are there any specific burial plots or mausoleums you are interested in, or are you considering alternatives like scattering ashes?

Officiant and Participants:

12. Would you like to select a clergy member or officiant for your service, or do you have someone specific in mind?

13. Are there family members or friends you would like to involve in your service, such as pallbearers, speakers, or readers?

14. How can the provider assist you in coordinating with service participants?

Special Requests and Personalization:

15. Do you have specific preferences for music, readings, or other elements of your service?

16. Are there any artistic or creative elements you'd like to incorporate, such as custom-made keepsakes or personalized tributes?

Record and Safeguard Your Wishes:

17. How will your provider ensure that your preplanned wishes are legally binding and up-to-date?

18. What steps should be taken to communicate your preferences to your family members and legal representatives?

Estimating Funeral Costs:

19. Can you provide an itemized breakdown of the costs involved in your preplanning to ensure full transparency?

20. What measures are in place for budgeting contingencies or changes in financial circumstances?

Medicaid and Benefit Qualification:

21. What are the eligibility requirements for qualifying for Medicaid or other benefits to help cover funeral services?

22. How can your provider assist in preserving assets for your beneficiaries while qualifying for these benefits?

Review and Safeguard:

23. How often should you review and update your funeral preplanning document?

24. What steps can be taken to adapt to changes in personal circumstances, preferences, and regulations over time?

Next Steps:

25. What are the next steps after this initial meeting, and how can you ensure that your preplanning is on track?

This comprehensive discussion guide is designed to help you have a productive and informative initial meeting with your funeral preplanning provider. Remember, your provider is there to assist you in creating a meaningful and personalized plan for your final arrangements, ensuring that your wishes are respected, and offering peace of mind for you and your loved ones.



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